Software Solutions

McCarthys offer comprehensive IT service solutions to maximise the performance of your meat processing systems.

Our innovative solutions streamline all core processes of the meat supply chain, from the farm gate to retailer. They improve traceability, and make running and growing your business easier.

And because we understand that no two companies are the same, we’ll translate your specific business needs into advanced software that really works for you.


Uniworks is customisable software, developed to provide you with a meat processing solution that keeps your production running at its peak. Read more

Key Benefits
  • Customisable software for all core functions from the farm gate to retailer, providing improved traceability and profitability, and easier management.
  • Streamlined production planning and scheduling.
  • Inventory control and logistics.
  • Integration with third party technology to maximise factory processing systems.
  • Unparalleled customer support for 24/7 plant operation.
  • Real time feedback enables customers to stand behind their product’s integrity and food safety.