processing system Intelligence

Uniworks is customisable software, developed to provide you with a meat processing solution that keeps your production running at its peak.

From farm to factory and office to retailer, Uniworks is an intelligent, reliable IT solution that enhances efficiency and traceability, for the complete management of your systems. 

It seamlessly merges with industry organisations in the food supply chain, such as government ministries for primary industries, national livestock databases, shipping companies, port authorities, and can be utilised to ensure food integrity and safety.

We integrate Uniworks into your existing systems. By connecting third party technologies and software packages, including processing machinery, financials, sales and data warehousing, we can guarantee compatibility with your specific needs.

Talk to us to and find out how Uniworks software can add value to and support your business. 


Key Benefits
  • Customisable software tool for all core functions from farm gate to the retailer, providing improved traceability and profitability, and easier management.
  • Streamlined production planning and scheduling.
  • Inventory control and logistics.
  • Integration with third party technology to maximise factory processing systems.
  • Unparalleled customer support for 24/7 plant operation.
  • Real time feedback enables customers to stand behind their product’s integrity and food safety.
From Farm gate to retailer
Livestock 2x Livestock
Drive down costs through process automation and efficiency. Run your business from anywhere and base your decisions on good data.
Kill processing2x Kill processing
Uniworks’ in-line inspection systems provide real-time feedback. Integrate your livestock booking and feedback systems, and Configure your kill floor data collection systems exactly how you want.
Carcase boning 2x Carcase boning
Improve your operating efficiency and meet product compliance requirements. Uniworks’ carcase boning software tools will help maximise earning potential.
Value Added 2x Value added manufacturing
Uniworks takes care of all the obvious things, but because of our long history in the industry, we’ve built in functions that add value outside of the norm.
Logistics 2x Inventory Management
Uniworks is designed to keep give you real time info, keeping track of all your inventory of all product types at all stages in the processing life cycle, no matter where you are.
Inventory 2x Logistics
Streamline the distribution of orders with accuracy and ease with customised systems. Uniworks takes care of the “paperwork” too.