Value added manufacturing
Recipes2x Recipes
Product specifications and recipes have some element of control or input in almost every aspect of production which is why so much emphasis is placed on these systems in Uniworks.
Traceability 2x Product traceability
We understand the importance of product control and traceability. That's why Uniworks is engineered to provide a high degree of traceability throughout production processes.
Supply chain2x Retail ready supply chain solutions
For retailers like Coles and Woolworths, Uniworks provides end-to-end supervision of receiving store orders, preparing the production plans in the regional processing factories, to supervising production, product labeling, and shipping the finished product to the distribution centres for store delivery. Talk to us for a robust and accountable solution to manage your supply chain.
Improve efficiency2x Process technology integration
If you have islands of technology we can help you integrate it to make your business run. We have more than 30 years’ experience working with process technology equipment providers helping integrate their systems into processing operations just like yours. X-ray equipment, lidding machines, robotic systems, material handling, sortation, buffer chillers, weighing systems and much, much more.