Inventory Management
Units 2x Units, weights and valuation
To cater for all product types, Uniworks lets you define what units of measure you want to keep track of your inventory by, eg. carton, carcase, drums, bales, palecon, bin, etc. Uniworks also keeps track of gross, nett and saleable weights (catch or set) as well as the inventory stock value.
Productivity 2x Product Traceability
Good product traceability recognises the need for accurate product tracking through every phase of the product's life cycle. Uniworks gives you that.
All products2x All product types
Uniworks keeps track of all your inventory of all product types (eg. carcases, meat cuts, value add, offal, by-products, wool, hides, etc.).
Up to date 2x Real time info wherever you are
All Uniworks production and logistics operations are designed to keep your inventory up to date in real time. Get access to up-to-the-minute stock information no matter whether you're working at the coalface, head office sales or even out to lunch.
Finished goods 2x Keeping track of the process
Uniworks will keep track of your inventory at all stages in the processing life cycle: production, work in progress, finished goods, goods in transit, reworked and repacked product.
Meeting global standards
Uniworks helps you meet any global standards in relation to numbering, barcoding and EDI systems for retail, trade item and shipping unit level. We have vast experience helping our clients meet their GS1 standards EAN-13 and EAN128 barcodes, GTIN's, XML, EANCOM, RFID's, etc.
Manage product on hold
Putting product on hold can mean different things. Do you want to prevent the product moving to another storage location or being sold? Is it to hold product awaiting a test result? Is it isolating product with the wrong packaging? Whatever your needs, Uniworks puts you in control, allowing you to locate, hold and manage the product your way.
E-cert solution
Uniworks provides solutions for businesses that must comply with MPI regulations for eligibility and export certificates by keeping track of all product movements and processing of certificates, including electronic interfaces to the E-cert system.
Track and trace
Uniworks provides your QA and QC teams the means to track where your production has gone to and/or come from.
Process automation
We’ve successfully helped many businesses with their process automation projects including automatic storage systems, product sorting and picking systems, product routing, palletising, etc.
Any form of ID is okay
Providing the ID you choose to identify your inventory is "unique", Uniworks lets you choose what form it takes, eg. RF tag, barcode or human readable number.