Kill processing
Faults2x Act on processing faults and contamination as it happens
Uniworks’ in-line inspection systems provide real-time feedback for supervisors to act on.
Feedback2x Give suppliers the feedback they want
Stay one step ahead of your competitors by having the flexibility to offer your suppliers the feedback they want, quickly.
configure2x Configure your kill floor data collection systems
We are the pioneers of in-line carcase inspection and grading systems and have over 30 years experience and software systems to provide exactly what you need; talk to us about what you want from your kill floor systems.
Booking systems2x Integrate your livestock booking and feedback systems
No delays, no duplicated effort, real-time feedback, fewer mistakes - that's what you can expect when you choose Uniworks.
Meet MSA standards
As an approved MSA software provider, Uniworks meets all the requirements for Meat Standards Australia for carcase grading, labelling and feedback to producers.
Capture the data you need
Breed, live weight, market eligibility status, disease, arrival presentation, wool contamination, suspect vet dispositions, tags - whatever info you need, Uniworks helps you collect and interpret the data so you can best make use of it within your processes.
Automatic carcase ID
Make the most of electronic carcase ID technology to automate your business processes and data collection.
Automatic carcase marshaling
Rely on our carcase marshalling experience to help you get the benefits of automation efficiencies.
Integrated with NLIS/NAIT database systems
Take all the hassle out of uploading and downloading data to national livestock systems; connection is integrated into Uniworks livestock systems.
Optimise your carcase meat returns
Uniworks kill floor and chiller grading systems will help you grade and sort Carcases to meet your market requirements and optimise meat revenue recovery.
Capture carcase disease information
Capture disease information and provide valuable feedback to your suppliers and industry organisations with Uniworks in-line head, carcase and viscera inspection systems.
Measure offal recovery
Measure any offal that you can’t recover and the reasons why; available by individual carcase.